Best TV Worst TV

All those channels and nowt worth watching. You’ve heard that statement, i’m sure but its not really valid. The bad stuff largely overwhelms the good but who wants to watch all of it anyway.

Manchester United

Yet another appalling season for Man Utd fans. Big money spent has seen little improvement. Jose Mourinho seems apt to picking the wrong players or playing them out of position.

Psychedelic Posters

The psychedelic poster is largely ignored in the serious art world. However in the present revisionist climate, this particular form of art is due for re-assessment. As with music from the same genre, people are now approaching it with a new attitude.

Saturns Pattern

This is Paul Weller’s best record since Heliocentric and shows that a man in his late fifties can produce fresh new material while retaining his own style. He has had a good run of late with challenging and adventurous releases, but this one gets it all right. Chamber psychedelia for sure.

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