Best TV Worst TV

Best TV Worst TV

TV or Cinema?

Best TV Worst TV?, that is the question! It is safe to say that TV is more popular than the Cinema these days. That isn’t to say that the TV experience is definitely better than going to the cinema. However, with the choices of how you watch TV, increasing year by year, people are still not aware of what is actually available to view, whether you pay for it or get it free.

Sky TV, BT Vision, Virgin Media, Kodi TV, Freeview or Netflix?

Whatever your choice there is a lot out there. Personally, I would ditch Sky TV, pay for BT and use streaming and catch up apps for general viewing. Once you have decided on which medium you like to view, actually deciding what to watch can be a stressful dilemma for even the best of us.

Best TV Worst TV

My purpose here is to tell you what I think. I only include programmes I have actually viewed. There are plenty that I have avoided! There are sure to be loads I haven’t watched that could be better than what I have chosen. My Best TV Worst TV presented in the form of Top 10 lists . I have included movies because I rarely go to to the cinema, preferring the comfort of couch or bed. So here goes.Top 10 Worst TV programmes:

Top 10 Worst TV Programmes:

  1. Emmerdale
  2. Eastenders
  3. Masterchef
  4. Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway
  5. Anything that involves James Corden
  6. The X Factor or anything with Simon Cowell in it
  7. Coronation Street
  8. Lorraine
  9. Mrs Brown’s Boys
  10. Anything that involves Matt Allwright

Top 10 Best TV Programmes:

  1. Mad Men
  2. Game Of Thrones
  3. The Sopranos
  4. Breaking Bad
  5. The Fall
  6. Fargo
  7. Fleabag
  8. Humans
  9. Better Call Saul
  10. In The Line Of Duty

Top 10 Movies:

  1. A Clockwork Orange
  2. The Exorcist
  3. Big Wednesday
  4. Apocalypse Now
  5. 2001 A Space Odyssey
  6. The Thing
  7. Catch 22
  8. Sophie’s Choice
  9. Quadrophenia
  10. The Wicker Man
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