Saturns Pattern

Saturns Pattern

When Paul Weller released 22 Dreams in 2008, the initial reaction was that, whilst he impressed the critics, his hardcore fanbase were somewhat bewildered. A lot of love had obviously gone into the project and to be honest, a fresh approach was sorely needed to revitalise the Weller reputation. No stranger to upsetting his fans (i.e.  The Jam breakup at the height of their powers), he definitely gained some new fans with his fresh and adventurous vision. It wasn’t a one off, because what followed was a string of releases in the ‘wayout lane’.

This new one is still fresh and searching, but it has a consistency  and sturdiness that has probably re-awoken  old fans who had possibly give up on him.

I don’t know if people like Paul Weller have hit singles anymore, but some of the tunes on this would have been successful singles back in the day.

Its nice to hear that he has been listening to Brian Wilson, as the discreet Beach Boys touches give this a brighter feel than we usually get.

paul weller

And I love the sleeve artwork Paul!

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